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I am an author so I know the value of a great cover for both print and e-books. My anti-bully book, is published in traditional print format and as an e-book. Several of my other co-authored novels have been published as e-books.

I also design e-book covers - both 2D and 3D. To see samples of my work please have a look at my portfolio here. Most of these e-books are featured at Smashwords and Amazon. I also have links to author websites where my e-book covers are featured.

My basic fee is $45.00 for 2-D e-book cover and an extra $15.00 for an additional e-book cover in 3-D. My fee is payable through Paypal, so there is no hassle with currency conversion. If you would like me to design an e-book cover for you please read through the list of services I provide.

I do NOT do covers for print books.

I will need an image to create your e-book cover. Many public domain or royalty free images can be found at Wiki Commons and PhotoPin. If you use one of these images for your e-book cover it is possible you will STILL have to credit the original creator. You might also try Flickr in their creative commons area, as well as Morgue File and Public Domain Pictures. Please remember to read all image copyright material carefully.

And - I have a big favour to ask you. Please don't include me in a mass mailer asking that I create an e-book cover for you, then contact me again and say that you have gone with another designer. If you had asked me in the first place to compete for the job I would have said "no thank you". My time is valuable, my fee is low, and I spend more time on your project than you realize. I do this because I like to see e-book authors have a quality cover to display their work.



e-book cover

Before you send me an image, be aware that pictures can have the same copyright restrictions as your upcoming e-book. You may have to give credit to the creator of the image. To give cover image credit, you can place the credit on your copyright page.

Cover image - by (name of creator) under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. (or whatever license is on the image)

For an expanded view of my portfolio, please use the link at the top of the page


I have a limited number of stock e-book covers that you may be interested in. If you would like your book title and author name placed on one of these covers - without any amendments whatsoever - then the cost would be $30.00 for a 2-D cover.


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